★~Unreleased + Lost Fanimes~★

List Thus Far

This is a list of fanimes that are unreleased or lost media. It is different from the main fanime list, since that beast of a page only focuses on fanimes that has at least one episode out (which has their own hyperlinks). This particular list of course is a work in progress and hell, out of respect for some creators, there might be some fanimes I wouldn't add. With my own moral value out of the way, let's get down to the list!!!

Unreleased Corner

This section is for fanimes that didn't release. This is regardless is the story for each fanime is still near and dear to the creator's hearts or not. With that, let us start!

Love Overdose (L.O.D.) by Zayashuku

One of the earliest fanimes to exist back in the day. While a lot of fanime titles that didn't have any episodes during that time came and went, L.O.D stuck with some of the string of consciousness of the old school members. Full article (which thankfully still intact) on the now overly vandalized fanime fan anime wiki here!

Evidence of First existing: There is an opening here!

Fate of it: There is an online manga hosted on Zaya's DA. Although, the last update for the manga was Sep 11, 2019 (According to her deviantART.)

(Full warning, there are some ecchi elements to proceed with caution)

Mahou to Ai no Sensou by Kittezrulez74

A fanime that is is unknown if it was announce back in the day or not but it seems to be an old idea, according to the creator.

Evidence of Announcement: Honestly, it is best to go by the creator's words in the description of this old trailer they uploaded.

Fate of it: There is a playlist for all the MtAnS content and there is a video going over the plots of episode 1.

Sugar Sweet Sketching by FriedSoup

So, I think I know what this was about. From what I recall, this was supposed to be a fanime title that is different from the creator's usual works at the time (I.E., this one is actually wholesome)

Evidence of Announcement: Well, there is a tumblr blog made for it.

Fate of it: Know the creator's current OC interest, I have my doubts that she is going to pick this back up anytime soon.

Terra Lucis by Renalucent

I remember this being one of the more anticipated titles back in the day, especially with the level of animation this series was going to have.

Evidence of Existence: Honestly, there is this (at the time) preview for it (Though, now the title is changed to "I tried to make an anime // 自分アニメを作ってみた ")

Fate of it: Possibly due to the fact that the creator is a professional animator, it is unlikely that she would go back to it.

The Caged Underworld by ellebastonart

Ah, I remember this one popping up in the Tumblr tags back in the days of 2016/2017. This was something where I thought there was progress on but never came to fruition

Evidence of First Existence: Two Playlists does have evidence, evenit was called "Most Towns are Ghost Towns"

Fate of it: Well, there weren't any episodes but the creator is doing a series of videos in relation for TCU for the 10th Anniversary.

True Loves Story by SonicXKimmy172 (NekoTenshi222)

Holy hell, was the reception for this (and especially the creator's other works) blown out of proportion.. Okay, so, I remember there was a negative reception when it was announce because it was animated like how older fanime was back in the early years (That and it was related to Sonic).

Evidence of Existence: Well, there is the OP and ED sequences.And previews of the first ep

Fate of it: There was a comic version of the fanime that released sometime later but after that, anything about the story is radio silent, as the creator focused more on written fanfictions up until somewhere around 2021 (??)

Xiphos Blade by Otaku Krap (TenshiHanka)

Ah. One of the more ambitious ideas, especially for a fanime. Funny enough, one of the reasons for the title is because long before Xariko's Tetris Mayhem (hmmmmmmmmmm), there were no fanimes (on YouTube) that started with the letter X.

Evidence of Announcement: This Tumblr Post right here.

Fate of it: Given that the creator is more focused on his main game project, it is highly unlikely that he'll go back to this on in particular. At the very least, he liked the characters enough to be on his ToyHouse.

Yume Naki by XKat11120X

One of the older obscure fanimes from back in the day. It was announced as early as 2008. It siseems that it would be a writing story first before it would've into a fanime.

Evidence of Announcement: A forum post from the old Fanime World forum exists. (Screencap version if you don't want to deal with signing up for the old forum to view post., as well as the Old group shot..)

Fate of it: Given that it's well over a decade since this announcement, it is certain that this is not coming back.

Lost Media Corner

Ah. The more depressing section. This is dedicated to fanimes that became lost media for one reason and/or another. Not exactly a fun topic but eh.. it is what it is.

Cotten Candy by mrevilcookiez

So, from what I recall, this is a typical Magical Girl Series with some darker elements to it. From what I recall, updates in regards to this series was shown on Fanime Update a lot.

Proof of Existence: Case and point: One of the Fanime Updates I am willing to share..

Da Magicul Demun Gurls of Kawaii by PoundToudHound

Fullstop: This is a shitpost fanime, LMAO. This was way long before the creator even decides of pursuing indie animation as well.

Proof of Existence: Evan mentioning it on One of the Fanime Updates.


(Side note: I have to redact the username due to the fact it did contain the creator's deadname.)

I remember this fanime was well liked during the 2017-2019 era. I know there was the shift in storyteller as the creator tried to reboot it... mid-series. Not exactly the best idea but hey, they were young. I'm sure that if they were to make a fanime now, the same thing wouldn't happen.

Proof of Existence: The only viable evidence I can share is the casting call for it.

My Dead Sister by Miyasha89

Man, I remember that A.) I've seen bit of the first episode and B.) This was very much well liked back in the day and by the time I joined the community, it was gone.

Proof of Existence: There is the Fanime Collab for the song "Cartoon Heroes" the creator participated in back in the day, using this fanime. There is also this lil' tribute by a fan.

(More to come in the future)