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This is where information about the fanime will be stored, down to them having their own pages!!! There have been sites in the past that have tried cataloguing them in the past but sadly, the creators of those sites aren't exactly active (possibly due to other interests and/or irl circumstances).

So, as a bit of a way to fill in the gap these two left off, I'd want to do the same and hopefully will be able to keep up with it!

We hope you enjoy your stay here!!

What is Fanime?

(Copied and Pasted from my video on Fanime)

Fanime (a portmanteau of “fan” and “anime”) is basically a type of web animation that are typically created by young amateur artists that originated on YouTube around 2006, a year after the site's birth. The definition of fanime has for sure become increasingly nebulous over time.

It started out as just a genre of making animated fan fictions of magical girl shows, specifically Tokyo Mew Mew. Instead of using an animation software like Adobe Flash, creators would usually creators would usually draw frames on MS Paint, Paint.NET, or Photoshop and composite them in Windows Movie Maker

Of course overtime, there is a shift of folks using fanime as a means to create their original works and not having to abide by what is essentially limiting when it comes to fanfiction. And any creator has their own methods of animation now; though it is still common to use a combination of art program and video editing software to animate

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