★~Possible Questions!!~★

What is the full reason this website made?

As I mentioned in the main page, this is to pick of what the two other sites left off. Despite the community not being as booming as it once was back in 2014/2015 (in my personal opinion), there still some stuff coming out.

Of course, there is the fact that I am just one person running the site so there is going to stuff that I missed and/or don't know the plot for fully, which is why there is a submission page.

Are you going to add fanime from creators that aren't really part of it anymore?

Yes but that would mean I have to put disclaimer saying "Hey, so-and-so is not doing fanime anymore. Please leave them be and/or check out their current works!!" or something like that. I'd also say "If you like this series a lot, take inspiration from it!" but I'm not exactly sure. I think it's one of those "If something happens then I have to" type of situations.

What about the unlisted or privated fanime?

With the latter, unless they becoming private after I added them (which I'll add a disclaimer about that.), I'd wouldn't add them at all.

As for unlisted fanime, they will be added but it's the same principle as the fanime made by those that are not in the community any more: Giving them a disclaimer.

Will this site do more than just be a directory for fanime?

Probably!! If there are events like "Fanime Challenges" that that will be in the updates page. I will also be linking videos that are posted on Fanime Sation, since that is a more morden Fanime Update channel that is still going strong.

Of course, the only thing this site will not cover are public dramas (if there are any nowadays). I prefer to keep things less stress inducing as my mental health isn't exactly the best and I sadly have my own personal stressed to deal with.

Why is this site called "Fanime Realm"?

I, the webmaster, was once part of the collabrative YT channel "Fanime Zone". Sadly, that channel is no longer active, with all the videos being set on private and I (as well as other folks outside of the admin) can't manage that channel anymore (probably due to the fact the main admin wanted to move on from fanime). Initially, I was going to name this site the same name as the now defunct YT channel but I've decided against it in the end.

That said, I looked up the synnonyms for "Zone" and chose "Realm", since it was the type of word I was looking for. I am weird like that, I know.

What's with the mascot?

Oh yeah, her!! Initially, she was a submission for a fanime forum back in 2017 "The Fanimation Forum". Sadly she lost and the mascot for that forum was also the face for Fanime Zone and the Fanime World Discord server (side note: that server change their mascot as early as 2020.).

When I wanted to make a video about fanime, I wanted to bring her back for the video and thumbnail (as well as redesigning her). And then when I though about created this site, I thought that she will be the mascot for this site!

Besides, who says fanime only needs one mascot? (Also, Here's her full ref (+old design) btw)

Is this site being ran by one person?


Will there be more people helping out with the site?

Aside from getting submissions from folks, I'm not exactly sure at the moment.

Is there a YouTube Channel and/or Discord Server for this site?

So....about that.

At this very moment, no. I mean, I have thought about a YouTube Channel that is basically a successor to Fanime Zone but with garlic bread and cake. (For legal reasons, this is a semi-joke.) But at the moment, not really.

As for a discord server, that is something I am more or less debating on. Though having another Fanime Discord server would be cool (I've been in the mindset of "Decentralization is good, actually", especially after late 2022) and it would make things more interesting, I'm not 100% sure. I know that I am a moderator for Fanime Castle and was the Main Admin for Fanime World but had to step down, due to mental health issues that.... truth be told, I am still struggling with but that is neither here or there.

Point is while I have experiences on running a Fanime Discord server and was part of a collabrative fanime YT channel, I am honestly unsure at the moment

We'll see how I feel in the future.

I'd say a forum that is either hosted on ProBoards or Forumotion might be more something I'd wanna do but I don't know how the Zoomers and generation younger would feel about it.

How about other Social Media?

Alright, time for a lightning round for this in terms of the core web.

Twitter: .......Hell, the fuck, no. Look, I know that it's important for online businesses and self-promotion. But it's already a hellhole and the Muskrat currently running it is certainly not helping matters.

Tumblr: Maybe?? I'm not exactly sure. Maybe it will fill in the gap some of the fanime blogs on this site left? WELP! Nevermind, the heads are planning to implement the a thing that allows AI to take from blogs does the opt-in BS. I am so tired..

Instagram: I kinda have a bone to pick with this site when it comes to creating new accounts. That said, if someone else I know wants to, they have my blessings ....Nevermind what is crossed out because Meta decided to be a dumb and pulling the same shit Tumblr is doing but bloody worse.

TikTok: I'd rather have the hellfire angels consume me than even think about making an account on that shite site. TikTok is the liquid of the evil rats.

DeviantART: Unless they get it through their thick skulls that we don't want the AI art or NFTs, this is a no go for me bro.

Facebook: Ew...

I'm sure there are other types of social media outside of the the Core Web and I might update this question onces I remember what those art.

I know something like Bluesky is a thing but I have yet to have a full opinion on it, since I only got the site recently.

Aaaaaaand that's all she wrote! I'll add questions once I'm actually asked