Big Updates (6/8/24)

Ayo Ay!! It's a-me!!

Well folks, it seems we got some big updates on our plate! :D

We're at 100 Fanimes!!!

That's right!!! We are now up to 100 Fanimes on the main fanime list for Fanime Realm!!!! This has been quite the milestone for me specifically and I am happy we reached this point!!

I won't lie, it has been rather tough, especially when it comes to make pages for fanimes with purposefully bad audio quality. (I wish the annotations for one of them are back can come back. ;o;). But regardless, I have persevered!

And because of the milestone being met, I can now announce what is the next this in store!


Yup!! I have mentioned in the last update that I have thought about something like that! Now, it exists now!!

Full disclosure, I have not made many sections compared to the good amount of pages there are on the main fanime list, even during first launch.

And due to that, I have made a separate template for both unreleased fanimes and lost fanimes on the submit page. It's so it's more clear that the main template that only existed for the longest while was for fanimes that have an episode out.

Now we have two more types of templates. :D


I think that is all the major updates I wanted to bring up!!

I know for some, this doesn't seem like much but for me it means a lot

Almost to 100 on the list! Plus, Food for thoughts!

Hi-ho!! It's ya girl, the webmaster, bringing you another update for you all today. And plus, a couple of things I wanna bring up!!

So, let's a-start with the most exciting!!

90 Fanime!! 10 Fanime Left!!!!!!

That's right, folks! We are at 90 fanimes on the main list! It's actually kinda crazy how we got this far! Like, hooooooly crap, we're getting close to the triple digits on that list!

I won't lie, it has been a bit of a struggle since, as I mentioned if previous updates, I'm not all that great with creating summaries when it comes to other folks' fanimes. But I have tried my best!

This is psudo-unrelated to fanime but I think when I was adding a heap ton of entries during that one week, I think I was sorta coping because fun fact, Fanime Realm was kinda part of a psudo-webring. Sadly, that webring had a lot of drama surrounding it to a point where it was gone. I won't get into the details here; if you want you know more about that, you can check my more overall thoughts on that matter on my personal website (In the Gissy-Log Page). But all in all, I was just making a lot of pages to cope. ^^;

Despite that mess, I am happy that I was able to make a lot of pages for fanimes, even the ones that I don't think even a casual community member would have heard of!! I also had a couple of submissions to help me out as well (btw, still open for that.)

The other stuff!

Sooooo, these are a couple of things that have been in me mind; one as of recent as yesterday.

Episode Compilations

Now, I know that this is something that is not exactly new to fanime or indie animation with episodes as a whole for that matters. The most notable example with Indie Animation as a while is I can think of is TOME: Terrain of Magical Expertise with the A2Z trilogy being compilation movie with some extra scenes for the extra context

(Full Disclosure: I have not fully seen TOME. The compilation movie was just in my radar months back because of whole Rawest Forest remake and YouTube Algorithm likes to be cheeky that way.)

But yeah, in terms of fanime I have seem very few of them surprisingly enough. Most notable examples (at least to me) are Super Awesome Deartháir Crossover and The Antagonist

Kinda a food for thought and I wonder if there would be more like these in the future.

(Ngl, I am SUPER tempted to make one like that for one of my fanimes. Though, with one of them, I know there is going to be some heavy re-working.)

Smaller Groups for Fanime Challenges?

So, this is something I have thought about as recent as 5/3/2024. I was in a call with one of the people who was a part of the 2022/2023 Fanime Weekly Challenge but has since moved away from the challenge so they can take more time on the future episodes of their fanime. And you know, that is a valid decision! Sometimes, some of us want to go for that quality work!

That being said, they also said they kinda miss working on episodes weekly and also said that once they finished with this episode they are currently working on, the remaining episodes will need to have less detailed art.

I have mentioned to them that they can do what I did back from 2018 to 2019 and do a self-imposed weekly challenge. With that said, and to paraphrase a bit, they told me that it would be nice if other people would work on another weekly series along said them as if they were to try and do the self-imposed weekly challenge idea, they would miss the self-imposed deadlines

And that got my brain thinking......

Since there is so many timely fanime challenges from the 1 hour to 48 hour ones... and some of those were hosted via small groups of folks.... Honestly, why not have a Weekly Fanime Challenge that are hosted via small groups rather than some sort of wide range community event?

Yeah, it might not sound too special if it's just as small group of people, how often public weekly challenges have been during the 4 times it was hosted (once per person). With that said, you can say the inverse for the timely challenges. Yeah, all the 1 hour, 2 hour, and even 5 hour challenges may not be all that special because they were participated by a hand full of folks but when something like the 2015 12 Hour and 48 Hour Challenges were publicly announced, it felt more like an event.

So, that is my counterpoint to the hypothetical argument against the idea of small groups hosting their own weekly challenges. Plus, I want to give somewhat of a middle ground solution for the person working that missed being part of the weekly challenge

Unreleased Fanimes (+Lost Fanime) List???

Soooooooooo....... this is something that has sorta been on my mind since Feburady

See, the way the fanime list is set up is I only accepted fanimes that has at least an episode out. And that has been my mindset for it.

With that being said, I am starting to wonder if I should have a separate list for fanimes that are unreleased or lost media. Because while it is great for a fanime to have an episode out, I know some fanimes (especially those from way back in the day) don't have episodes out but are still remembered.

Now, before you jump to some conclusions, if I were to go through with that idea, it'd probably would've function similarly to one those character pages to see on Wikipedia for popular media (namely anime) where there is a section for general information for each character. (I'll link this random article as example Though if you want less wiki-fied example, there is how I do information of my own projects on my personal site as another example!) And the reason for this mindset is because I don't really know how to go about with making separate pages for fanime that are unreleased or lost media.

That is personally my value in the matter, you are free to disagree. Again, this is something I am basically spit balling and something I have thought about a couple of months back.

Wrap up!

I guess that is that. I just want to add some food for thought to add to the site since it's something I wanted to the table when it comes to one of these updates!

Hope ya'll enjoy the read and let's hope we reach 100 fanime on the list for Fanime Realm!!

Take care!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^o^

69 Fanimes on the List? The alphabet is almost complete?? Let's gooooo!!!!

Heyo!! Hope ya'll are doing well. I know that things feel reletivally smoll atm but hopefully that will change

But yeah, we're at 69 fanimes on the list!!!! That can mean two things

  1. We just landed on one of the funny numbers! (If you know, you know. And If not, don't worry about it.)
  2. We are getting close to having 100 fanimes on the list!!! 31 more to go!!!

And really, what makes this more exciting for me than the funny number is the fact that we have actually filled out almost all of the letters with at least one fanime in the respective section!!!

And yes that includes the letter Z!

The only letter that is currently missing some fanime is the letter X. Though, I guess in all fairness, it is a hard letter to make a word and/or name for so making a title let alone a fanime title might be extra difficult. Not to say that it's impossible but words that start with that letter is a very rare.

Anyways, I wanted to make an update about that before I continue with my search. Take care. (^-^)7

Update 3/27/24 - Oh Yeah. It's Archiving my old FZ videos time

Hello hello! I gotta use this site to bring some updates next time, FSNDKLDENSKCFXL. Anyways, I hope ya'll are doing well. I have a psudo-smol update for ya'll!!

So, I have been in an archivist mood this week and a conversation in Fanime Castle scratched that itch, LOL.

As some of you may know, I was a part of the collabrative YT Channel, Fanime Zone; mentioned it in the "Possible Questions" page. Well, recently have been able to get video files from my old ass laptop that has a fan that is loud while it works. Long Story short, that laptop has seen better days and some of the keys of that things don't even work anymore. Luckily, the laptop is still breathing (albeit, it's behind as the date is still stuck in 2021) and I can just plug in a USB Keyboard. Not to mention, I have an external USB Hardrive so it's probably why it has been so esay to get those files surprisingly.

So yeah, all the Fanime TipTap videos I used to make for Fanime Zone? Now they are reuploaded as unlisted videos on my ChibiGissy Channel

I also had an unreleased (???????????????) video I wanted to upload for that channel but I don't think I got to upload it??????? It was the start of this series called "Who's That Fanimator", which is where I do a spotlight of those that were a part of that community at the time. It was a cute idea in theory and hopefully there will be other folks taking an idea like that for there own videos!!

Now, a couple of things to note:

Firstly, I know that I kinda stated in the past that the videos I made for the Fanime Zone YT channel sucked but honestly, after re-watching them, I don't hate them as much as I thought I did. Don't get me wrong, they were kinda awkward videos and in one case, the audio balancing was ass. However, comma, there were some things that one might find useful. Hell, I'd argue files 1 and 3 are the best ones in terms of Fanime TipTaps.

Secondly, I have stated that I suspected that the main Admin for Fanime Zone privated the videos due to the fact they probably wanted to move on from fanime. And while I was initially miffed about losing access to the FZ channel (again, it was one of the reasons I made this website), I understood of that being that case. I have talked with a friend who is close friends to the admin and basically confirmed my hypothisis. And learning a bit more about it, it has became from 80% understandable to 100% understandable.

Anyways, now that we got these out of the way, I will now provide the links for the FZ Video Archive List (Gissy Vids only)

The only other video I have archive is the Valentines Challenge MV but to be on the safe side (and not want to deal with YT's copyright bullshit), it's up on Google Drive. And I'll check back with a friend who was also part of FZ to see if he is able to retrive the music tutorials from his external drive. (when the time is right tho; I know work is pretty busy for him.)

So yeah, that is that. I hope ya'll have a good one and take care!! ^^

Happy New Year!!

Hello hello, it's been a while!! Sorry that the site was a lil' inactive for a moment! It was Christmas season for me personally and I also had to spend New Years Eve with my family as well. At least 2023 ended for me somewhat peacefully. If you want to know more details about that, you can check out my Google Doc about how I felt about this year as a whole.

But back to Fanime Realm and stuff related to this genre of animation.

Fanime Realm itself

As some of you might've noticed, I fixed up a lot of fanime pages. As I mentioned in the previous update, doing that is more of a me thing than an everyone else thing but really, I also think it'd be a good idea to make it so the thumbs of the pages on Neocites itself would look cleaner. ^^;;.

I won't lie, I have been toying with the idea in my mind about making a YouTube Channel for FR in my head. Granted, it is mainly due to the fact that (outside of my own videos I made for that channel), I do miss some of the videos that were made for Fanime Zone. But I know that I can't borrow everything from that channel (I am not bringing back Fanime TipTaps, that sucked and I made that series, LMAO). Plus, there are some things that are brought back in other fanime related channels such as:

The one thing I could bring back is either a Fanime Podcast (which was initially hosted on Fanime Update) and a Fanime Review series (which I remember a fair amount of channels including FZ used to have before almost all of them disappeared). Podcasting might be a little easy if you look at the old fanime podcast from back in the day. Reviewing might be slightly tougher since it's been years since I've done some sort of reviewing (There is a long story about that I'll get into in my personal site). And I also wanted to limited to fanime that I added or was submitted to this site.... which leads me to my next point.

I need to add more bloody fanime on this site. The problem is that there are some cases where there is no written summery on neither TVTropes nor Fanime and Web Series Gallery on Tumblr. Tho really, if there is a fanime that I want to personally add to the site, I may have to (re)watch said fanime and try to cough of a summery. I won't promise that they would be perfect but I will do my best if push comes to shove.

That said, I am still open for submissions for fanime since I'm sure those that want to submit their own fanime and/or their favorite fanime would do a more cohesive job compared to how I would go about with things.

But yeah, going back a couple of pages and then shoving a new page in between:

I think if I were to make a YT Channel, I'd want to make a Forum first. Maybe this is the old fart in me talking but before there was Fanime Zone, there was The Fanimation Forums. While FZ ain't a thing anymore, It actually ran for a good while when the forum was still kicking.

But again, I'm still debating with it since:

  1.  I have to deal with adding fanime to this site
  2. I have my own personal projects to deal with.

But maybe it is something I *can* do in between it all. I'll probably do the podcasting while someone else can do the reviewing. It might help to have a second person to help my as out if I were to make a YT Channel (AND the forum)

And one more thing in regards this site specifically, I will set up a guestbook for Fanime Realm. Almost every site that is hosted on Neocities has a guestbook (Including my personal site) so maybe I should do the same for FR.

Anyway, that is all for Fanime Realm Specific Stuff. Let's talk about everything else as a whole!!

The Everything Else

I know one thing is for sure is that despite the dead periods (and some people calling it a dead genre despite not looking deep enough), Fanime ain't really going away. In fact, thanks to Fanime Station and Fanime News Network (In Fanime Castle), we are able to see that there are still fanime being made to this day!

I will say that within half of the year or so, I'll probably update the History Page with information of what will happen this year! Because if you think I'm done with that page because I made a page for it, you are soley mistaken. x);;; Who knows, maybe their would more fun lil fanime challenges! Maybe there would be a big surgence of new members! That is something that is up...... in the air! 0u0

Anyways, with that, I think that is all for the updates that I (the webmaster) have to say, look out for Fanime Station for fanime news stuff, since that is the only active public fanime news channel that has been kicking since Fanime Update dieded because Evan has other obligations to deal with. ^^; 2023 for me was an emotional roller-coaster for me personally but launching Fanime Realm was one of he big highlights for me! Even with the disasterous launch and troubleshooting, it was great I made the site at all. :D

On that sappy note, I hope ya'll have a good one and take care of yourselves!

Update 11/12/23!! Over 50 Fanimes on the List + More!!

Hello hello!! Thank you for taking your time to read our first update for our site! As some of you may know, this website was made around lesst than a month ago!! And while the launch day was a bit disasterous, I was able to fix the CSS to make the site more flexible on desktop and bearable to view on moblie!! Keep in mind, this is my first time, working with CSS from the ground up so there was a LOT that I needed to learn... ^^;

Of course that is not the only thing I want to bring up. Let's get down to this, shall we?

Reaching over 50 Fanimes!!

That's right, folks! After adding the fanimes I added from the beginning, plus, figuring out what would be good entries to add sometime after launch, and having submissions that were emailed to me, Fanime Realm has now over 50 fanimes on the main list!! Real talk, I am very happy about that!! I would say that funny phrase "I didn't think I get this far" but I have writting a lot of entries prior to the site existing so we'll get to that if we reach 100 fanimes!!

Still though, the fact that we're over 50 fanimes on the list really exciting!!! :D

2022/2023 Fanime Weekly Challenge is over!!

Soooo, the weekly challenge that started since November of last year (hosted by Tyangerine) has finished!! In seems that there have been 6 entries this year. I know there were more folks wanting to join but couldn't had some IRL circumstances and/or other projects to deal with. It was a year long deadline which while it was an exciting deadline, ultimately ended up being too long of a deadline. (The host herself has realized this as well during the mid-point of the year, don't worry!!)

Not only that, but while concept of it being a year is nice, the execution itself caused people to get incredibly ambitious. That said, having it a year long did help those that are struggling with a concept being able to get out something later within the year. Hell, I (being GissyEva) went through 2 other finalized(ish?) concepts before I settled on Moon Mansion Solitary.

It is noted that if there is another weekly challenge (which probably would not be the case for a long while unless Fanime World wants to do one next year), having it be a half of a year (starting in the summer time since the 2019 Weekly Challenge started at that point) and not a full year. However, another lesson is also if another challenge like this is a year long (since again, the positives for that is the fact anyone can join in any time of the year, even if they didn't have a concept during the start), maybe it's best promote said challenge Semi-Monthly (every two weeks) or Monthly so folks will look into that. The latter is soemthing I thought of as of me adding on to this. It has been a learning experience for everyone that joined or hosted, I say!!

There is going to be a watch party for all the entries for this challenge that'll be hosted in Fanime Castle but if you would prefer to do it in the older sister server, Fanime World, or just hosted it in your own private server as well, you have my blessings. ^-^ (I will edit this parentheses part to provide the link to the playlist once that's done).

Promoting this site on other socials??? Ayo???

Some of you might already noticed that I have been promoting the Fanime Realm site on some social medias like Twitter, BlueSky, and recently Tumblr! If you are wondering, no, I have not made any soical media for Fanime Realm (and in the case with Tumblr.....yet.). I have my stance how I feel about those that are on the core web, if you look onto the possible questions page. I am thinking of promoting it on YouTube as well but in the case with that, I want to do something that that would fit on the site and that my friends is a video!

Obviously, that is going to take more time as while I had experience in video editing since 2010, it is something that I would like to take some time with. Long explanation shit: Video Editing is hard, man. X__X;

If you have any other socials that will help spread the word of FR, feel free to email me under the email address that is on the submissions page!!

Small Nitpicks that might need a bit of fixing.

Sooo, this is is more or less a me issue than anything buuuut....

Yeah, the thumbnails look like a major issue and might need some level of fixing, which would require for me to go and make small edits to the pages that are circled(?). That... might take a bit but trust me, for me, it'll be worth it!!

(Yes yes, I know posting something like this is useless but shhhhhhhhhhhh, it's fine, lol)

Aaaaaaaand that's all she wrote!! Thank you all for taking your time to read this Update-Log and I hope you have a good one!

Take care!! ^o^